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​Walter Olshanski, MBA

David B. Nash MD, MBA 

Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH


About HealthCAWS®

HealthCAWS Inc., founded in 2010, is a privately held health care services company with a give back philosophy, focused on Combining Accountability With Support to solve the value equation in health care. HealthCAWS uniquely and cost efficiently unifies and mobilizes consumers and providers to successfully contribute to achieving the collective goal of improved health and high quality, affordable health care-“the CAWS”™. 

Different from social networking companies that lack focused content, HealthCAWS solutions are based on a blend of medical evidence, credible market research and social marketing concepts and are deployed in an integrated approach to proactively affect default behaviors at the Point of Care and Point of Daily Decision Making where transformational change can occur. 

The HealthCAWS Accountability and Support Platform™ includes multi-channel awareness campaigns, action-oriented e-health portals, assessments that guide program delivery, continuity of care tools and reward and recognition programs. All Platform features address key quality and cost drivers across the full continuum to achieve meaningful impact. 
Target markets include payers, delivery systems and support service companies that desire to play a role in improving quality and mitigating the unsustainable cost of health care.

Learn about how HealthCAWS solutions can help your organization contribute to improving quality and making health care more affordable.


Chairman and CEO Rose Maljanian Bio


HealthCAWS provides leadership strategy and industry insights and software as a service (SaaS) solutions aimed at aligning industry stakeholders and solving the cost/quality dilemma.

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