HealthCAWS Accountability and Support Platform™ 

The HealthCAWS Accountability and Support Platform™
supports every phase of the mobilization process: Assessment, Awareness, Aligned –incentive, Action and Achievement-reporting.

Awareness: HealthCAWS Campaigns

HealthCAWS Campaigns are designed to mobilize consumers and providers to take action. Multi-channel Awareness Campaigns address the general topic of accountability and the need to take advantage of HealthCAWS, partner and health plan support tools and programs, plus address focused topics on key quality and cost drivers such as medication adherence, generics, completion of health screenings and standards of care, and emergency department use.  A custom communication plan is developed for each population. Campaign materials may be deployed in electronic, mobile or print format.

Action and Aligned Incentives: HealthCAWS® PASSPort-Partners in Accountability-Supports for Success™

HealthCAWS PASSPort™ is a comprehensive Resource Center and E-tools Portal to support individual level engagement in health care to include shared decision making, self- management and healthy living. The portal is organized around three actionable themes: proactively manage your health; work closely with your doctor and health care team; and act like a true consumer when using health care resources.  The PASSPort tool also is designed to incorporate reward and recognition programs so that members can get their PASSPort “stamped” as they complete information and action sets. 
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Assessment and Accomplishment Reporting: HealthCAWS Survey Central™

The HealthCAWS Platform assessment feature, HealthCAWS Survey Central™, serves up assessments at the organizational or member level based on select key cost drivers in a given population.  Medication Adherence Barriers Assessment for example is critical to support members with the most useful intervention based on their problem areas. This robust Platform feature includes a web-based front end and backend database with real time reporting for participants and aggregate and detailed level reporting for providers, care managers and administrators. Customization down to the item, scoring and action message takes assessment beyond data gathering. The reporting mechanism further serves to support Clinical, Cultural and Process Quality Improvement Initiatives research needs and to document and showcase accomplishments to optimize care and revenue growth.

Create Specialty Programs and  HealthCAWS Continuity of Care Kits™ 

The HealthCAWS Continuity of Care Kits and Specialty Programs are designed to address the top drivers of cost and health problems and will include hospital readmissions, ER visits, End of Life Care, Unwarranted Practice Variation, Medication Adherence, Chronic Condition Management, and Obesity. Educational and management support tools are provided to teams in the field and reaching consumers via the telephone internet and mobile device. HealthCAWS tools are customized to work in each organization’s unique environment, bringing change closer to the point of care where impact can be greatest. 

Take Your Consumer Focus 
to A Whole New Level!

In addition to our traditional solutions below, HealthCAWS has designed a whole new suite of  tools that address advancement in value-based care whether you serve a Medicaid, Medicare or Commercial population or a combination of all three, we have the tools for you.  Ask about our partners program to leverage for your business.

HealthCAWS Consumer Survey™

The HealthCAWS Consumer Survey was designed to measure consumer beliefs regarding individual accountability for health and cost of health care. Consumer involvement with their doctors and health care providers today in this regard is also assessed. Supports available to consumers are then measured to include whether or not they know if such resources are available to them and if they have used the resource. Finally, their perception and commitment to accountability models when the appropriate support resources are in place is rated. 


HealthCAWS Organizational Alignment Toolkit

The HealthCAWS Organizational Alignment Toolkit is comprised of two components. First, a structured  assessment is completed and recommendations are produced on offerings pertaining to accountability models for consumers and providers and the supports available to consumers and providers to help them be successful in meeting targets associated with these models. In addition to the feedback report providing business intelligence for internal use, a HealthCAWS Spotlight describing the organization's strengths and contributions is released publicly.

The  HealthCAWS Platform and Tools are highly adaptable allowing us to provide our clients with a custom, branded solution set specific to their key areas of focus. 

Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT)™
v 2017-2018 

The Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT)™ was developed and is powered by HealthCAWS . The CeRT was brought to market in collaboration with the National eHealth Collaborative, now part of the HIMSS Foundation. Since, numerous hospitals and medical groups have used the tool in conjunction with their State Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Regional Extension Centers (RECs) and commercial vendors.

CeRT v2017-2018 is a comprehensive toolset including an organizational assessment, real-time progress reports, action plans and a resource center. CeRT v2017-2018 is available 24/7/365 to users via the HealthCAWS Platform and Portal. Following the HealthCAWS 6 Step Quality Improvement Process, the CeRT v2017-2018 helps organization advance their infrastructure to support consumer engagement and also be more equipped to address Meaningful Use and other quality payment program incentive requirements.

HealthCAWS Solutions:  SaaS and Strategic Consultation 
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HealthCAWS Inc. Proprietary. Patent pending. All rights reserved. 
“It’s a no brainer. Users of the Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT)™ can see the Return on Investment within a week of getting started. We would expect that organizations that take advantage of all of the tools in the CeRT portal and advance through the full quality improvement process to capture more incentive and other pay for performance dollars and improve their clinical, consumer experience and cost outcomes.” 

Gary Ozanich, PhD, Professor Northern Kentucky University and Finance and Budget Committee member for the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE).

“Overall the HealthCAWS CeRT tool was easy to use and contained valuable content and resources. The CeRT Reports helped us reinforce some priorities and identify new opportunities for advancing consumer engagement in eHealth using a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach.”

Mandy Coleman Bryant, CPP Director of Information Technology Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

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