Combining Accountability With Support

 Welcome to the Future of  Health!
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

2016 has been a year of innovating while navigating the distractions of: an election year; implementation of new regulatory and reporting requirements; and both the fall out and promise of mega mergers that will shape the industry. 

Focus on innovating to improve health, quality and the affordability of health care despite these distractions could never be more important. The themes remain the same: strong connection with consumer needs, integrity and trustworthiness, responsible financial stewardship and protection or mitigation of risk. 

Keep the focus by aligning strategies and tactics with the principles of the HealthCAWS Call to Action:

●Meet the new consumer where they are on their terms, with the least costly and invasive service and environment possible to achieve their best possible outcome

●Limit unnecessary burden for providers and offer supports to advance value-based care 

●Reduce system complexity and thus volatility for all stakeholders by simplifying requirements and processes; freeing up critical resources and mind space for innovation

The HealthCAWS principles culminate in Combining Accountability With Support-"the CAWS™". As we look to 2017 which will be no doubt will be a year of  great change, we invite you to be part of the HealthCAWS solution!  

Best for Success,


Rose Maljanian
Chairman & CEO

o Support personal responsibility for health
o Enable active participation ; culture of  ask questions, say what you think
o Engage a purchasing consumer; comparison shop for quality/value
o Develop role models - help  family and friends with all of the above

Consumer Focus
 Provider Engagement

Organizational Readiness

Communicate with patients expectation of accountability
o Work with patients to identify issues and needed supports
o Participate in quality programs and communicate unmet support
o Denounce misuse, overuse, and underuse of healthcare resources
o Assess offerings for alignment of accountability & supports
o Better understand consumer and provider needs to inform offerings
o Commit to improve efficiency and eliminate waste in the system
Contribute innovations and resources that drive value
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.....every organization has strengths and areas where they could use some support to meet targets or accelerate growth. 

Partner with us to gain:

Industry expertise avoiding costly mistakes and rebuilds

Cost effective solutions that easily integrate and deploy ahead of client expectations

Operational savings for you and your clients

Extension of your team with a friendly, loyal  helping hand 

Results, accretive with yours honestly delivered and valued

If this is what your looking for, we are the right partner for you!
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